Flexibacks™ Neck Massager


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Dimension (cm): 21 x 24 x 13 (W x L x H)

Weight: 430 g

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A uniquely designed neck massager that loosens the "knots" in your muscles.
FlexiBacks Neck Massager refreshes you so that you can go on and win the day.


  • Release tension all in 10 minutes
    Softens the stiff spots in your neck through its strategically placed acupressure ribs.

  • Designed by doctors and chiropractors 
    Employs the best design so that your neck can get the luxury it deserves.

  • Portable & lightweight
    Made of high-density lightweight memory foam so that you can bring it along wherever you go.

  • Feels like you have your own chiropractors
    Uses your own body weight and curvature to offer cervical stimulation and tension relief. You will feel like you’re being treated by a chiropractor.


2 flexibacks neck massager tips

Side to Side

Turn your head from side to side in a slow and steady motion. When you find the sore spots or muscle knots that you could not get rid of for centuries, stay there until the tension releases. That usually lasts 3-5 deep breaths.

1 flexibacks neck massager tips

Up & Down

Move your chin up and down as if you are nodding. Taking 3-5 deep breaths with this motion helps you open up sinuses and release tension at the back of the skull.

Trusted by our happy customer

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Love this! It works great at relaxing those difficult spots on my neck that never seem to loosen up.
Luis Tan
Luis Tan
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Wrong order sent but got a free replacement. Very supportive team. Love the massager. Highly recommended!
John M.
John M.
Fitness Practioner
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Product is well designed for home use. Have since recommend this to my clients who have nagging neck-aches to speed up their recovery.
Greta Lasspi
Greta Lasspi
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I'm addicted to using this. I have a lot of tension in my neck, shoulders and base or my skull. This really loosens it up. There is nothing I have found on the market that works as well as ths, aside from a trip to a therapist.
Nur Siti Marissa
Nur Siti Marissa
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I work in a office. Neck always pain and this is a great massager. I use it at home after work. Feel very good after that. 5-star!
Jennis Lind
Jennis Lind
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The massager works just like what was being described. I'm satisfied with this purchase.


A: Not really. Those knobs and groves are ergonomically designed to be placed on the muscles knots. Flexibacks uses gravity and your own body weight to create the pressure. No electricity, no motors. If you feel the tension or pain using it, it proves that your neck has been holding that much pressure over the years. Use Flexibacks regularly on a sofa while sitting or on a bed while rested. It will help your neck release stress & tension.

A: Yes, but.. We do not recommend it. It’s because constant pressure that’s applied for more than 10 minutes on the same spot is never good. It will affect the muscles too significantly in a short period of time. Moderation is the key!

A: Flexibacks is designed to relieve neck muscles, not to treat problems or ailments in the neck spines or disc. Treating a symptom is an art. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. Practice makes perfect. Please do not force your body to change in a short time. Take your time. Be patient. Trust your body. It will take you there.

A: Yes. Flexibacks can be used in any chair with neck/back support. Use it between your breaks. It will give you the very relaxing time by releasing tensions on your neck.

A: Not really…. maybe only for a nap… We do NOT recommend using it too long because it may cause the drastic changes in circulation, pressure, etc in the head/brain, causing headaches and dizziness.